Lectures, Television, and Books

Garden Your City: How-To & Where-To
The Philadelphia Flower Show, 2006; Philipstown Garden Club, Garrison, NY, 2006

Bringing Genealogy, History and/or Travel Treasurers to Your Garden
The Philadelphia Flower Show, 2007

100 Ways to Jazz Up Your Garden
The Philadelphia Flower Show, 2008

Gardening with Bambi & Other Visitors
The Philadelphia Flower Show, 2009

Designing with Stones
Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center, Garrison, NY, 2011

Anna B. Warner: America’s Gardening Pioneer
The Philadelphia Flower Show, 2010
The Constitution Island Association at Boscobel 2011
Putnam History Museum, Cold Spring, NY, 2016

Knowing the “Enemy”: Practical Solutions for Deer and Other Pests
The Ecological Landscaping Association 18th Annual Conference, March, 2012

Green Up Your Home & Town – Beauty & Benefits
Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello for The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, September, 2013

Garden with Wildlife
Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee, 2016

Gardening with Deer
National Wildlife Federation for Hyde Park Garden Habitat, Henry A. Wallace Visitor & Education Center, Hyde Park, NY, 2016

How to Create a Pet Friendly Garden
Dutchess County SPCA for the Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee, 2016    

Television: HGTV: Season 13 – Rooftop Gardening and Hillside Garden in the City

Columnist: Philipstown.Info weekly online Q. & A.: “Philipstown Gardens!” (2011-12)

The Clinton Community Garden Cookbook, Patricia Berger and Barbara [Hobens] Feldt, illustrations by Barbara [Hobens] Feldt (LarkOwl Publications, 1992).

Garden Your City, Barbara Hobens Feldt (Taylor Trade Publishing, 2005).

12 Months of Wisdom: Anna B. Warner, America’s Gardening Pioneer, Barbara Hobens, (Blurb.com, 2006)


As an organic-only gardener, designer, lecturer, and author, I created this blog to shares my decades of experience and advice with new and seasoned gardeners.

Categories will be created and searching will be available for you to find what interests you – planning and planting a vegetable garden, rooftop gardening, planting bulbs, starting seeds, creating a community garden, composting tips, etc.

Gardens and gardeners evolve. A move from Manhattan to Garrison in 2006 found me sharing gardening beds and an organic herb farm with deer, turkey, fox, and coyotes. My education and happy addiction to research found me attending a Whitetail deer course and becoming a certified Deer Steward from the Quality Deer Management Association.

My quarter-acre property in the Hudson Valley of New York State is my library, teacher, and canvas that is filled with shrubs, trees, perennials, vines, raised beds and containers, a hedgerow of viburnums and evergreens, and with a woodland area, rock garden, pond and stream. I grow vegetables, herbs, wildflowers, and have a stand of ferns, a thyme lawn, and pollinator-friendly ornamental plants – – and all organic so nesting birds and visiting wildlife is safe and very welcomed.

“There is history every place you stand” is my oft-repeated quote since it is true. I have designed public gardens that reflect what happened there: Immigrants Gifts – where thousands left ships but could not take precious seeds from their homelands ashore, species from Gen. Garrit Striker’s 1800’s rose and orchard garden still thrive in today’s DeWitt Clinton Park, and a Revolutionary War-era kitchen and medicinal garden at the Van Wyck Homestead that had been the headquarters of the Fishkill Supply Depot.

Having always been drawn to know the geological history, who actually lived there, I have always incorporated the past into garden designs. In 2018, was named a Harrison Fellow, after attending the Historic Landscape Institute at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

Look to what has grown and what is thriving where you live – – native plants and those that have adapted will take little if any maintenance. Keep a list of what wildlife visit and raise their young on your property so that you can grow plants for their continued survival.

Gardening is so healing, delicious, beautiful, and fun!

Yours Sincerely,


29 October 2021
Hyde Park, New York, USA

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